Marketing is the single most important and least maintained element in running a business. We all get deeply involved with the methods of operating our businesses and find ourselves with no spare time at the end of the day to market it. This can be very dangerous to the success of our business.There are many means to execute your marketing message but there are only 3 main categories that your marketing will fall into.

  • Brand Marketing
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention

Brand Marketing – We use this to keep our company top of mind with our prospects and the public at large. This covers anything from Billboards, Newspapers, Radio, TV, Direct Mail and even Internet. There is no real outcome necessarily expected from this kind of marketing just that they think of our Company when they are looking for what we sell.

New Customer Acquisition – This is the marketing we do to grow our business. We can only grow in three ways. Get more customers, get the customers we have to buy more or get our customers to come in more often. Getting more customers is very important in this process. No matter how good we are at what we do this is a very mobile society and our businesses can shrink just from customers moving away. So we must continuously be marketing with an eye to drawing in more new faces.

With this type of marketing we are looking for an action to be taken, we want them to come in and try our product or service for the first time. With so much noise in the marketplace we have to provide them with an extremely compelling offer to make them take that action of coming in and trying us out. Most often this is accomplished through the use of a coupon that they bring in or can be a text or imagpon on their mobile device that they show when they come into your business to redeem your special offer. This is when you need to be putting your best foot forward as this will be their first time seeing you in operation. You want them to have a positive memorable experience.

Now that brings us to . . .

Customer Retention – Once you have any customer in the door doing business with you we want to be looking toward customer retention or bringing them back in the door. All the New Acquisition marketing you do will have no value if you don’t immediately start applying Retention in that very first encounter.